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Big Bocs Bwyd

We are extremely fortunate to be part of the Big Bics Bwyd initiative. This is a Welsh Government funded project that provides affordable food to families and encourages our children to live a more sustainable life. 


Our Big Bocs Bwyd was delivered in January 2021 and we opened our doors later that year. BBB is stocked up on a weekly basis and our food comes from a variety of sources such as Fareshare Cymru, Lidl, Aldi and Tesco. The food we stock is surplus to requirement from the supermarkets. This enables our customers to 'pay what they can' for the food they buy. It also has an impact on our environment as the more stock we sell, the less food ends up in landfill sites.


Our children are becoming more and more involved in BBB. We are helping them to grow vegetables in our allotment and they are starting to have cooking lessons with some of our produce. We hope to develop our own class kitchen in the near future. 


Keep an eye on this page to see how our BBB evolves over time. 

Developing Cookery Skills using Ingredients from the Big Bocs Bwyd