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Praise and Reward Systems


Class ‘Bee-haviour’ system 


The aim of this system is to encourage team spirit and collaboration. It allows children to earn ‘bees’ which contribute to a whole class reward system.


Bees are awarded for showing kindness, empathy, courage, friendship. They are also be used when children demonstrate excellence in the four purposes; being ambitious, creative, healthy etc.


The aim is to achieve 100 bees in a term.


The children are rewards at timely intervals too: 25, 50, 75 and 100.

When a class achieves a milestone, they will each receive a certificate and can choose a class reward which include:

  • An extra playtime
  • A golden time session
  • A cinema afternoon
  • Football tournament
  • Arts and crafts session
  • Any other agreed reward that is manageable.


When a class achieve 100, they are invited to the ‘Bee Bistro’ and will be rewarded with toast and honey and fruit which will be served by Mrs Hatch-Walker and they will be given an additional playtime.

Class Dojo

Individual reward system. Class teachers and support staff can reward individual children for great work, making progress and improving a particular skill. They can also be removed for poor choices.

Garth Stars

Special awards at the end of every week will be awarded to two children per class who have demonstrated something excellent – progress, a new skill, kindness or a particular strength. Certificates will be awarded on a Friday by Mrs Hatch-Walker.