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Well-being at Garth


At Garth we are a Rights Respecting School where the rights of a child are central to the ethos of everything we aspire to achieve.  We are a Rights Respecting School Award Gold Standard School and we actively support the work of UNICEF to promote awareness of the importance of the Convention of the Rights of the Child.  Our rights mascot is Rico the Rights Respecting Racoon, who was designed by our pupils to help our pupils to learn about their rights throughout the school day.


We are very proactive in the way we promote a healthy diet and active lifestyle to our pupils in school and we have been accredited with the National Quality of Healthy Schools Award by Public Health Wales in recognition of the many years we have worked as a school to achieve this.  We have a range of Sports and Active Clubs on offer to inspire pupils with a love of physical activity from a young age.


We have a range of staff who actively work to support the well-being of the children. We have two Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) who support pupils with their well-being needs in small group settings in both the upper and lower school. We have a Learning Support Officer who runs small groups to promote confidence, self-esteem and to support children in building positive relationships. We have a Family Engagement Team who support families to ensure their children are fully prepared for school and to help them with any issues that they may be having. All children take part in a wide range of activities such as cooking, gardening, crafts and games to role-model positive relationships and important social skills.


Staff at Garth strive to be restorative in the strategies they use to support pupils with behaviour.  We have created our own 'bee-haviour' charts which are integral throughout the school. Each class has to work together in order to reach milestones. Once they reach 100 bees, the class are able to visit the 'Bee-Bistro' with Mrs Hatch-Walker.  


We are an inclusive school where every child matters and we know that pupil well-being is essential for learning.  We want our children to achieve the core purposes of learning: to be healthy and confident, ethical and informed, ambitious and capable, creative and enterprising.


We aim to provide a curriculum that meets every child's well-being needs so that each child can thrive and become the best that they can be.